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GREEN DROP Knee Compression Sleeve

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Top Level Compression - Our infused knee sleeve combines high-performance compression with natural medicine; Made with patented technology that bonds fabric with pain relief medication to help soothe your muscles.

Unique Fabric Infusion Technology - This innovative knee sleeve is constructed using a patented textile finishing treatment; When activated by muscle movement, it releases medicine that is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, promoting faster recovery.

Muscle Rub Formula - The fabric fibers of this knee sleeve are infused with our proprietary Muscle Rub Formula, a powerful blend of camphor, wintergreen, and safflower oil that aids in the recovery of joint pain and muscular aches.

Unparalleled Protection - Green Drop’s knee brace boosts healthy blood flow to muscles and joints, promoting good circulation and speeding up recovery; Designed with breathable fabrics to reduce odor and prevent moisture buildup.

About Us - At Green Drop, we have one goal: to develop innovative, unique products that reduce pain and increase mobility; We are inspired by motion and aim to find new technologies that support vibrant, healthy lifestyles

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