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Ripple Wearable Personal Safety Device

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Ripple keeps you connected to your friends and family 24/7/365 and alerts them when you need help. Simply click your Ripple device to immediately notify your 5 pre-selected friends and family contacts with a text message that states your need for help along with your location.


2 Levels of Alerts:

-Emergency Alert: Click Ripple 3 or more times and a text message will be sent to your 5 contacts with your emergency signal and current location.

-Non-Emergency Alert: Feeling uncomfortable and want to alert your friends and family? Click Ripple 1 time and it immediately sends a text message to your 5 contacts notifying them that you are feeling unsafe as well as your current location.



  • Device dimensions: 0.5’’ x 0.5’’ (size of a dime)
  • Weighs just 2 grams
  • Wearable, water-resistant, and never needs charging
  • Device lasts approximately 6 months. Ripple notifies you when it is running low.
  • iPhone and Android compatible 


Ripple ensures you’re never alone when you need help.

If you want to increase your safety resources even further, you may join Ripple’s 24/7, nationwide professional monitoring service. Now, not only can you alert your 5 friends and family members, you have the protection of Ripple’s professional monitoring team answering your alerts in seconds. In emergencies, they will dispatch Police or EMS directly to your location, ensuring you get the fastest and most accurate response available when you need help most. Ripple’s 24/7 professional monitoring service is available for $14.95/month, or $99.95/year, and also provides free replacement devices when your battery is running low.

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